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"The Advocate WE ARE. The Services YOU NEED."


Who We Are: We are a ministry solely dedicated to the unprecedented giving of aid and assistance to aspiring Christian Music Artists. Our goal is to  enrich, assist, and sow selflessly into the growth and development of Christian artists in a manner that completely breaks all previous and current  standards and norms. We purposely push against all status quo standards of service, and deliberately strive to become a trendsetter in the magnitude of giving, within the Christian Music Community.


The Faith-Centered Music Artist Society serves these functions:


  • Be a centralized hub of union-like support in the protection, development, and successful progression of aspiring Christian artists.

  • Be a direct line of assistance and aid, at little and PREFERABLY NO COST, to all members. Areas of aid include: Production, Recording, Ministry and Artist Development, with ambitions for the growth and inclusion of additional areas.

  • Be a supply chain system of outsourced services, provided by entities willing to sacrificially sow and discount their goods and services to our members. These providers will offer services in: Production, Recording/Engineering/Mastering, Videography, Photography, Creative Media, Print Media, and more!

  • Be a direct implementer of initiatives directly designed to further push, promote, and provide for aspiring Christian artists. Initiatives include scholarship funding, a listener-direct music streaming platform, and more!


We will DISRUPT all system barriers that impede the progress of aspiring Christian artists.


We will PROVIDE aid, resources, and assistance to those actively looking to spread the message of faith, using music as a catalyst and channel….as FREELY as possible.


We will TIRELESSLY PRESS in our goal to serve and sow at an unprecedented capacity; thereby allowing ourselves to be fully effective channels through which God can empower and equip carriers of the Gospel.



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