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Biblical Background:


In the Book of  Ezekiel, Chapter 37, God gave the Prophet Ezekiel what is referred to as the Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. In this vision, Ezekiel is taken to an open valley full of human bones. God told  Ezekiel to speak a prophetic message onto the bones, prophesying that God would casue  flesh, muscle, and skin to cover them, and that God would breathe life into their bodies. In obedience to God's commission, Ezekiel did as was instructed and immediately the bones assembled together, flesh and muscle came upon them, and skin covered them as well. God then commanded Ezekiel to prophecy that God's breath would come in the winds and breathe life back into the bodies. When Ezekiel did as commanded, breathe came into the bodies, bringing them to back to life, and they stood up as exceedingly great army. This Vision was God speaking to Ezekiel the taking of God's chosen people out of exile and into the land of  Israel.

What is the FCMAS Creative Content Initiative?

In these Last Days, there will be unification within the body of believers yet to have been seen. This initiative touches the core of what Ezekiel 37 embodies, the unification of an army of believers. This initiative's goal is to promote the unification of carriers of the gospel, via music, by the coming together in collaboration of performance. We will initiative, create, and release collaborative music, and videography, featuring members of FCMAS and non. Our film, and music, projects will embody, showcase, and promote the revitalization of collaborative unity within Christian arts, amongst creatives with varying styles, backgrounds, and journeys, from all over the world.


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