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My FCMAS Story


“This desire to aid in the development of aspiring  Christian artists has been a growing work-in-progress for a long time. Even as a Christian artist and producer myself, I had a desire in music that was bigger than just my own personal success. I went to college and received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Entertainment Management and was licensed in ministry within that same time period. Not having the desired success in finding permanent employment within my degree field, I went another direction in vocation, even temporarily set on discontinuing my involvement in music altogether….BUT WHEN GOD HAS A PLAN, FOR YOU, THERE'S ONLY SO FAR A GOD-SEEKING BELIEVER CAN DEVIATE FROM IT.


I came back to music in 2015, knowing that God's Purpose for me in music was not yet complete. I began making music again, freely sharing it now that financial stability was well taken care of in my non-music related occupation. It was now soley about me freely sharing God’s Gift, void of any monetary requirement. HOW BLESSED OF A FEELING MUSIC MINISTRY BECAME!!


After getting the ball rolling again as a Christian artist, then re-began the passion to sow into other artists alike. I began creating the FAITH-BASED MUSIC INITIATIVE, which is an initiative designed to promote the further spreading of Christian-themed Music, via the free of charge sowing of Christian Music, by independent Christian artists, to anyone willing to listen. The benefit is two-fold: 1. the removal of price tags increases new and widened potential listenership and exposure for the independent Christian-artist bc HEY, PEOPLE LIKE FREE STUFF and 2. the freely sown material from a wide plethora and variety of Christian artists helps to further expose listeners (Christian and non) to a much wider range of artists bringing the message of Christ in music.


As I began to brainstorm and work on the next steps in this initiative's implementation, HURRICANE HARVEY hit. My city, Houston, suffered the worst flooding in its entire history, my home included. I lost everything. All of my possessions, with the exception of a few boxes, were destroyed and unsalvageable. All of my music hardware was gone, amongst all of my clothes, furniture, car..everything...gone. In taking the steps to try to rise up out of this devastating situation, we sought the help of organizations, family, and friends alike, and God SHOWED HIMSELF MIGHTILY IN AN AMAZING OUTPOURING OF AID AND SUPPORT VIA ALL OF THESE CHANNELS. It was in the midst of this process that GOD GAVE ME THE VISION OF WHAT THIS MINISTRY IS PURPOSED TO BE FOR CHRISTIAN ARTISTS. IT BECAME CLEAR THAT MY CALLING TO MUSIC MINISTRY WAS TO CREATE A SUPPORT SYSTEM OF AID AND ASSISTANCE TO CHRISTIAN ARTISTS THAT SOWED, AS FREELY AS POSSIBLE, INTO THEIR DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS IN AN UNPRECEDENTED MANNER. WE WANT TO BREAK ALL INDUSTRY NORMS OF PROFIT-INCENTIVIZED SUPPORT, AND SOW AS MUCH A SUSTAINABLY POSSIBLE INTO CHRISTIAN ARTIST. GOD PLACED IN ME THE AMBITION TO CREATE  A FULLY OPERATIONAL SUPPORT SYSTEM OF RESOURCES AND RESOURCE PROVIDERS, WILLING TO SACRIFICIALLY SOW SERVICES AND AID INTO ASPIRING CHRISTIAN ARTISTS.




  • Be a centralized hub of union-like support in the protection, development, and successful progress of aspiring Christian artists.

  • Be a direct line of assistance and aid, at little and PREFERABLY NO COST, to all members. Areas of aid include: Production, Recording, Ministry and Artist Development, with ambitions for the growth and inclusion of additional areas.

  • Be a supply chain system of outsourced services, provided by entities willing to sacrificially sow and discount their goods and services to our members. These providers will offer services in: Production, Recording/Engineering/Mastering, Videography, Photography, Creative Media, Print Media, and more!

  • Be a direct implementer of initiatives directly designed to further push, promote, and provide for aspiring Christian artists. Initiatives include scholarship funding, a listener-direct music streaming platform, and more!




                                                         -Fredrick Shaw

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